The Spectrum Club Scotland is a Community Interest Company which caters for those aged 16yrs and over with Asperger syndrome or higher functioning autism.

The club is run through common interest activities, such as X-Box, PS3, Wii, computers games, pool, table tennis, music sessions, cooking, arts and crafts, chess etc.

In the summer, we have weekly outdoor activities, such as quad biking, laser quest, go karting, Segways, climbing etc.

In order to foster socialising and social integration, we have weekly visits to either a pub or cinema, or perhaps a meal out, or visits to attractions.

Free courses are available for those with Asperger syndrome covering life skills, social skills, money management, interview techniques, working with others, personal relationships etc.

We also support our members into assisted voluntary or paid work placements.

The Spectrum Club Scotland is a place for our members to relax and socialise in a safe and knowledgeable setting where disscusions may take place.

The primary aims of the club are to enhance social skills, and raise self esteem, which in turn helps successful integration into the workplace, college or school. This can give them the confidence to try new activities, or travel further afield. This also helps them to integrate more easily to access the communities where they live.